Tue, Aug 27, 2013

Loeschner obtains verdict for less than amount offered prior to trial

Laurie Loeschner recently defended a personal injury claim resulting from a 3-car accident in St. Louis City Circuit Court. Plaintiff claimed her vehicle was pushed into another vehicle after being rear-ended by the Defendant. Damage to Plaintiff’s vehicle and testimony from occupants of the first vehicle supported a comparative fault defense that Plaintiff rear-ended the first car prior to the rear-end collision by the Defendant. Damage to Plaintiff’s vehicle was minor with no damage to the Defendant’s vehicle. Plaintiff claimed injuries to her neck, back, head, elbow, knees and ankle. Medical bill charges totaled close to $12,000. Plaintiff asked the jury for $50,000, the same amount as Plaintiff’s last demand. The jury awarded Plaintiff $7,933.97, representing the total amount paid on the medical bills. The jury then assessed Plaintiff 75% fault for the accident, reducing the judgment to $1,983.49. The last settlement offer was $2,000.00.