Workers’ Compensation

Our firm has a wealth of resources acquired from years litigating workers’ compensation claims.

Brinker & Doyen, L.L.P., handles workers’ compensation cases in all varieties throughout Illinois and Missouri. We provide aggressive representation for casualty insurance, specialty excess workers’ compensation carriers, third party administrators, and self-insured companies in the healthcare, airline, restaurant, construction, trucking, and hospitality industries.

In Missouri, recent case law has suggested that co-employee liability may exist under certain circumstances. The legislature has tried to eliminate this liability; however, those chances have not been interpreted by the courts. We are experienced in addressing this evolving topic.

The firm has a wealth of resources acquired from years litigating workers’ compensation claims. Beyond this experience, lie additional resources we borrow from the firm’s extensive medical malpractice and products liability defense practice, including a wider breadth of relationships with expert witnesses than is available to firms who do only workers’ compensation defense.

We believe that client contact and communication is crucial to providing efficient and effective representation. Each workers’ compensation file is handled by one attorney who is responsible for all depositions and court appearances. It is this attorney’s responsibility to advise the client about exposure at each phase of the case.

Each of our clients has different reporting requirements. We tailor our reporting to the specific needs of each client. It is our practice to send a preliminary evaluation of a claim within 48 hours of when we receive initial materials on the case.  At that time, we will specify any additional investigation which we believe is indicated, or whether additional information is required.

Our attorneys will also provide customized training for our clients in the form of informal luncheons, or through accredited continuing legal education seminars.

We believe that effective representation begins with quality communication, and we strive to tailor our services to the individual needs of each of our client to effectively resolve their legal problems.